Detail of Service

Stage 1: Creating The Masterplan
First comes the initial visit, here we undertake a landscape analysis and appraisal. The Client’s requirement will then be combined with the site survey to design the Masterplan, taking into consideration the landscape as a whole.

Stage 2: Working Drawings
Following the approval of the Masterplan, by the Client, working drawings will be created containing all the elements of the Masterplan which would drive the Contractors output on the project, therefore it is important to create the most meticulous and detailed plans at this time.

Stage 3: Planting Design
Approval of the Working Drawings enables the Designer to further concentrate the overall design, allowing for the creation of detailed planting plans at this stage – the Planting Plan – as the name suggests, provides clear direction on the type, number and arrangements of ┬áthe plants in order to deliver the overall design. The planting plan is not typically signed off by the Client, but is used for the Contractor. Due to the background and training of the Designer, the ‘Planting Plan’ can be made relevant to any garden, regardless of location and climate.

Stage 4: Feasibility Studies, Reports and Historical Research
If required documentation, including illustrated documentation, plan proposals and research, will be created for use with the local planning authorities. Feasibility studies are undertaken to review potential constraints, such as the inclusion of features or particular type of  planting in a potentially unsuitable climate.

Stage 5: The Building of The Garden
Once all the above elements are signed off by the Client, the most exciting stage can begin – the build. We will tightly monitor all aspects of the work, using a recommended team of professional contractors. Sune Gardens works closely with a number of award-winning contractors, including Landform Consultants a RHS award winning company. At all stages of the build we will be there to help answer questions and concerns, whilst ensuring the overall garden is delivered to the appropriate specification.

Stage 6: Additional Services
As with all significant property investment choices, it is important to adequately protect them. In addition to the planning and building of the garden, a Client can also purchase a ‘Garden Maintenance & Management Report’ which provides an analysis of the gardens ongoing needs in terms of equipment, maintenance and resources.

You may also wish to consider additional services such as lighting and irrigation, or perhaps the inclusion of additional sculpture and furniture items following completion.